The film director, Jaesun, was born in Korea and moved to New York in his early 20s to launch his film career. His early endeavors landed him a job at MTV, where he was able to explore the demands and trends of international pop culture firsthand. During his time at MTV, Jaesun was simultaneously working to expand his range in filmmaking and jumped at the opportunity to direct a fashion film for ELLE. Since then, he has produced prolific work across various mediums and industries, including music videos, branded ad campaigns, and fashion films. Notable clients include Clinique, Kiehl’s, NIKE, Samsung, Coach, ETC. He splits his time between New York and his hometown of Seoul, Korea and hopes to share his vision with a global audience through his work. Rejecting the idea of sameness, Jaesun constantly seeks innovation through new challenges and finds inspiration in every encounter in his daily life.